Taiping Street

Taiping Street is the most complete street in the ancient city of Changsha that retains the original street and lane pattern. There are historical sites such as Jia Yi's former residence, Changhuai WELL, the west archway of Mingji's palace, as well as old residential buildings with blue tiles and white walls. Strolling around the old streets, you could find authentic Changsha stinky tofu, sugar and oil cakes and other local snacks.

Hunan Museum

As the largest history and art museum in Hunan province, the Hunan Museum covers an area of 49,000 square meter, with the building area reaching 91,000 square meter. It is one of the first batch of national first-level museums and one of the first eight national museums co-funded by central and local governments. For several decades, the museum as a cultural landmark in Changsha city, has attracted millions of visitors. It not only presents the Chinese civilization along the middle reaches of the Yangtze River but also serves as a unique window for people to understand the development of the civilization in Hunan province as well as to appreciate the mysteries of Hunan culture.